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Old Fashioned Candy Cigarette

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Nostalgic Old-Fashioned Candy Cigarettes in a display ready box. The retail ready box has a Retro design. We offer these for our customers to help bring their nostalgic retro sections to life. These are the candy cigarettes we all remember and loved growing up. As noted on the box these are the original recipe. Groups & kids always have so much fun with these - Makes great pictures & Memories! These are always fun 🤩 items for kids & customers as brings back lots of memories. You receive a full box of 24CT in a display ready box. Sell individually or by the full box. We offer these to our customers to help bring those nostalgic displays to life. Conversation starter! Great item to merchandise near register. We also offer the nostalgic Bubble Gum Cigarettes 🚬 and these merchandise great next to each other. Each of these are individually sealed and ready for resale! Minimum Purchase - 24ct Suggested Retail $1.50 or 2/$3.00 to achieve a 50% margin. Novelty